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1st February 2018

Can all members please be aware (belatedly) that the access road to our Gilling Fishery is temporarily closed for work being carried out. During this period and only for this short period access is up Waters Lane and through Mill Farm cross the bridge and use our car park.


Update to all members regarding the ongoing work at Bishopton and Westgate ponds.

30th January 2018

As most members are aware, the ATDAC Committee have held meetings with the Environment Agency and a fisheries consultant (Dr. Andrew Worthington), to try to identify the causes of the deterioration of the fishing at Westgate Pond and Bishopton Mill over the last couple of years and to put in place an action plan to address the issues.

Despite regular stockings with a variety of species and sizes, the pattern at both ponds has been broadly similar. The first year after a stocking the fishing has improved, particularly for the recently-stocked fish. The next year has seen a decline, and the following year is even worse. And yet we are not seeing a significant level of fish mortality in terms of dead fish on the surface or the bottom.

Breeding success appears to be declining at both waters.

We know that both waters suffer from predation by cormorants and goosanders, and have tried various ways of minimising this. We have tried ropes at Westgate (and received complaints from some members and had some of the ropes stolen), installed a scarecrow and other bird-scaring devices at Bishopton , and we have a licence to shoot a small number of predators at both ponds.

We have installed otter-proof fencing at both ponds, with evidence that it is working at Bishopton where there is plenty of evidence of otter activity in the beck but none within the fence.

Based on those recent discussions, the ATDAC Committee have planned the following actions before undertaking any further restocking.

At both waters, we introduced a “catch returns” form to try to capture actual data (rather than just hearsay) regarding how often the waters are fished and the size and quantity of each species caught. We appear to have had a good response from most of our members, and we are building a useful database from this information.

Please continue to fill in the catch return form whenever you fish the waters, a “nothing caught” return is as useful as information on the number and size of all fish caught.


Large leaf fall quantity each year, resulting in nutrients building up in the silt and water, leaves not rotting and low dissolved oxygen levels Reduce the number of trees around the pond. Nearly all trees on the bank of the pond and approximately 50% of the trees on the area outside the otter fence have been felled.
Lack of water circulation around the pond Reduce the number of trees around the pond to allow better circulation of surface water by wind action.

Dig a connecting trench between the “car park bay” and the “Darlington” bay? – not recommended by Dr. Worthington
Nearly all trees on the bank of the pond and approximately 50% of the trees on the area outside the otter fence have been felled. Wave action is now much better

We have decided not to proceed with digging any trench at this stage.
Organic matter and high nutrient levels in the sediment Treat with Microchalk at a rate of 1 tonne per acre in late October, with a follow-up treatment in January/February if the previous dose has dissolved. 2.5 tonnes of Microchalk were put into the pond on 5 November 2017.
Excessive first-year weed growth after treatment with Microchalk Apply Swarm when water temperature exceeds 10°C, to reduce the nutrient level in the water column. Apply Excalibar if filamentous algae develops. We will review this in the spring/summer of 2018.
Ongoing growth of rooted weeds Potential to transfer carp from Bishopton Mill for a few years, subject to EA permission. No decision made at this stage. ATDAC committee will review the policy of “self-sustaining silver fish fishery” on an ongoing basis.
Low dissolved oxygen content in most of the pond. Instal water aeration equipment (Linn AquaWheel 0.55Kw plus genset)

Regularly monitor dissolved oxygen level using suitable test equipment, and deploy aeration equipment as necessary
Because of the likelihood of theft of such equipment, we are experimenting with a smaller, portable pump which can be removed from the fishery each day.

We have purchased a meter to measure the dissolved oxygen level and will be periodically monitoring the situation.
Lack of ability to “flush water through” the pond after Microchalk treatments, to further reduce nutrient levels Nothing recommended but could we re-instate the water supply? On hold, until we see the impact of other actions.


Shallow depth of the water, and a rapid accumulation of silt in some areas of the lake. None, except for sediment consolidation by Microchalk treatment.
Organic matter and high nutrient levels in the sediment Treat with Microchalk at a rate of 1 tonne per acre in late October, with a follow-up treatment in January/February if the previous dose has dissolved. 3.5 tonnes of Microchalk were put into the pond on 8 November 2017.
Excessive first-year weed growth after treatment with Microchalk Apply Swarm when water temperature exceeds 10°C, to reduce the nutrient level in the water column. Apply Excalibar if filamentous algae develops. We will review this in the spring/summer of 2018 and 2019. However, an increased amount of suitable weed is necessary to ensure good spawning success for the silver fish.
Deterioration of the quality and quantity of roach and rudd. Remove aggressive bottom-feeding fish such as carp and barbel, as these are likely to have been a significant factor in the reduced spawning success of roach, rudd and tench because of a lack of suitable weed growth. No decision made at this stage. ATDAC committee will review the policy of “self-sustaining silver fish fishery” on an ongoing basis.
Extremely high phosphorous level in the lake water. The lake was originally filled from Stillington Beck, and has subsequently been “flushed through” several times from there, it may be worth investigating the water quality in the beck. Report to Environment Agency, and request that they undertake water quality analysis.

Alternatively, contract a commercial company to do a water quality analysis for the beck.
This has been reported to the Environment Agency, which has decided not to take any further action at this stage.

The ATDAC committee will review whether to undertake further water quality analysis.
High phosphorous level in the water in the ditch. Report to Environment Agency, because the ditch could be considered the source of diffuse pollution and is probably classed as in-line waterway as it ultimately connects to the River Tees. This has been reported to the Environment Agency, which has decided not to take any further action at this stage.
Inability to “flush water through” the pond after Microchalk treatments Only “flush through” from the beck or ditch, when the nutrient level (particularly phosphorous) of the flush through water is lower than in the lake. On hold, until we see the impact of other actions.


12th December 2017

Welcome to our 2017 newsletter which we hope you find informative.

Firstly we would like to say a big thank you to one and all for your continued support; in particular those that have given time and effort to help out throughout the year you are much needed and fully appreciated.

Those of you who have provided us with email addresses will be receiving this electronically along with any information and updates which we have been sending out throughout the past year when things are going on that you may find interesting or wish to help out with. Any member wishing to receive information by email please send us your details To thornabyangling@outlook.com


We hope that by the time you read this the A1 upgrade is completed and our water at Catterick is once again open for fishing. It has been a long time closed, originally planned for three years closure has extended to four with completion now scheduled for winter 2017. Although compensation has been agreed we are as yet to see any money.

Rule books are updated and reprinted this year, we have taken out some of the old irrelevant items and rules that have become outdated, the new version is a couple of pages shorter. As regards rule changes there is only one, this relates to Gilling Ponds. The earliest permitted arrival time has been changed from 7.00am to sunrise. Hopefully the early birds amongst us may benefit from fishing during what can be the most productive time of day. Still, we recommend you read the new book to refresh memories.

In 2020 we CELBRATE 150 YEARS of existence and to mark the occasion we are running a competition which cost nothing to enter and ALL MEMBERS can get involved with, whether or not you are still an active fisherman or lady. We have all seen the COUNTRYFILE CALENDAR and we hope to emulate this with a calendar of our own being made ready for December 2019. The intention is to use photographs taken on our Thornaby AA fisheries only, these can be landscape – wildlife or anything deemed interesting. There will be one photograph selected for each month of the year, multiple entries are allowed and there will be a prize for those that make it through to print. Every member will receive a calendar free of charge with further copies to go on sale, any monies raised would be given to local charities. Photographs need to be taken by digital camera or phone and sent to competition HQ thornabyangling@outlook.com include where and when taken along with your details. We may also use some of the photo’s on our website. THE CLOCK IS TICKING – GET CRACKING

Lock at Croft Viaduct

The combination lock on the gate at Croft was vandalised just in time for June 16th Opening day, causing pandemonium amongst members trying to gain access. We fitted a new combination lock without having time to get it welded onto the chain, surprisingly up to date of writing it is still there without being stolen or vandalised, we are both amazed and chuffed to bits. At some time in the near future this lock will be changed to a key lock specially manufactured to match with the keys most of you already hold for ATDAC fisheries, for those that don’t already have an ATDAC key they cost £2.00 available from both Darlington & Cleveland Angling Centres - Yarm Club House and our treasurer D Oxley


Our website www.thornabyangling.co.uk is developing quite nicely and we try to keep members informed of what is happening through our news and events pages as well as by sending emails. There is lots of info on there including a competition calendar which Graham updates as regularly as time permits, you can see who is catching what and from which pegs, even compare previous years results. Application to join forms can be downloaded directly from the home page. Once again our thanks go to Graham Ellison for managing our site.

SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR 2018 Due 1st January

Annual subscriptions for all but juniors have increased by the moderate amount of £1.00 With no change to either ATDAC subs or joining fees, amounts due as follows:-

Full membership 18 – 65 = £40 + ATDAC £12 = £52

Ladies 18 – 65 = £27 + ATDAC £6 = £33

Senior citizens 65 and over - £27 + ATDAC £6 optional = £33 (or £27 without ATDAC )

Juniors to age 18 - £12 + ATDAC £6 optional = £18 ( or £12 without ATDAC )

Subscriptions can be paid via the tackle shops listed in your membership book – last years card needs to be produced at renewal in the shop or renewal will be declined. Alternatively by post to the treasurer D Oxley at 34 Bensham Road, Darlington, DL1 3DG enclosing a stamped addressed envelope with payment. ANY CHANGE IN STATUS OR ADDRESS for example from junior to senior or senior to OAP can only be renewed by post to the treasurer.


Dinner Dance & Prize Presentation Evening

Again this is to be held at the Swan Hotel Billingham on Saturday 10th February. This promises to be another great event and ticket prices remain unchanged for the third year running. A lot of work goes into this once a year event please show your support, come along and have a great time with good food and music. You don’t have to be a match fisherman or have prizes to pick up to come along and have a good time.

Prices are:-
Adult 18 – 65 = £18
Over 65 = £15
Under 18 = £10

Apply for tickets to Mr G Angel, 12 Thorngate Wynde, Barnard Castle, DL12 8PZ. Enclose a stamped addressed envelope, please make cheques payable to Thornaby Angling Assocoiation.

It only remains for me to wish you all a merry Christmas good health and tight lines.

Graham Jeavons
Secretary T.A.A


20th November 2017

Due to other commitments Geoff Herbert has recently resigned as match secretary. Is there anybody amongst us who is able to step into the breach? Anybody willing to take this on please ring Dave Munt on 01642 863598 Geoff has done much hard work in establishing the match calendar and securing trophies for each of them. Our thanks and good wishes go with him. There are in total eight Saturday LTAA competitions plus the three day Tees Festival.

LTAA 2018 match dates.

3rd March - Ian Wharton Memorial
16th June - James Cook Hospital Cup
14th July - Lower Tees Champs
4th August - Myton House Cup
8th Sept - Tees Masters
6th October - Ted Jamieson Memorial
10th November - Royal British Legion

TEES FESTIVAL 9th – 10th – 11th August incl (Wed Thurs Fri)


16th November 2017

The map detailing access to the River Tees at Ingleby Barwick in the club book is outdated and the access route has been changing regularly. The map below shows the current access to the fishery. This shoud remain as the route to the fishery for some time.


16th September 2017

Due to continuing poor fishing results at both Westgate & Bishopton Mill ponds, ATDAC have over the last few months been busy attempting to discover what are the underlying reasons for the declining sport. Having enlisted what help is available from the EA, Dr Andrew Worthington a highly qualified and respected expert in this field was also commissioned to do an independent assessment and report on causes / remedies. Dr Worthington’s report recommends among other things some fairly urgent actions to be taken, for which we need some volunteers. The first of these is to carry out a major but selective felling of trees at Westgate Pond along with the application of Micro Chalk to both Westgate and Bishopton Mill ponds.

Members able to help out please contact Paul Richmond or Dick Sidgwick :-

email: pmrichmond@hotmail.co.uk Tel: 07815818030
email: rps.ajs@virginmedia.com Tel: 07870680953


4th August 2017

Farmers & gamekeepers have reported continuing problems with poaching and theft of farm property.

Whilst we as fishermen enjoy the right to roam the river bank and cast a line, the sight of somebody wandering around without fishing tackle isn’t allowed (our rights are to fish) and can sometimes set alarm bells ringing.

The legality is that maintenance work including the trimming of trees and clearance of access paths should be agreed with the farmer or landowner prior to any work being carried out. There are also potential implications regarding insurance cover for members acting independently on unapproved maintenance.

Occasionally there have been reports of members on the river bank who don’t have fishing tackle but they were believed to be in fact carrying out well intentioned maintenance work.

We do not want to discourage this, far from it, all help is much appreciated. However, this needs to be done properly and the right people informed beforehand of your expected presence and activities.

Dick Sidgwick Tel 07870680953 and Paul Richmond Tel 07815818030 plan and carry out regular work on the river bank, liaising with the farmers or landowners to ensure that we do not cause them any problems.

To preserve good relations we request anybody planning or wishing to help work on the river bank to please speak to Dick or Paul beforehand.

All offers of help will be welcomed.

For ALL new members - Norton Pond.

4th August 2017

For all new members (and for members that don't know) you may have noticed we still have Norton Pond listed in our rule book, we unfortunately had to give this up several years ago due to the ever growing problem of controlling weed which made this pond virtually unfishable.

Croft Viaduct Gate Lock.

28th June 2017

To coincide with the start of the new coarse fishing season some delightful person decided to wreck our lock at Croft viaduct which has caused considerable aggravation to say the least. Croft club in it’s adversity to trespassing ramblers fitted it’s own lock as a temporary measure, and who can blame them after the recent court case ( which they won without costs). As a temporary measure of our own we have now fitted another combination lock to couple between their lock and our chain so all members can now gain entry without having to go to the club and borrow their key, this lock is NOT welded to the chain and we hope it may last for some time without being pinched or lost whilst we work on a better solution. Please re-fasten it in the same position (linking between their lock and the chain). The number remains unchanged.

Gilling West Stocking (Mill Lake).

30th January 2017

Today we had another stocking of Gilling West, this time for Mill Lake. We stocked 240+ rainbow and blue trout up to 6lb+. All cracking quality fish, all swam away strongly.

Click on an image below to show a larger version.

Gilling West Stocking (Cow Pasture Lake).

25th January 2017

Monday's (23rd January) stocking was the first of a four year program to refresh stocks in Cow Pasture Lake, we stocked 500 Roach – between 5 – 8 inches, 50 Crucians 6 – 8 inches, 100lb of mixed Carp, 30 Tench of mixed sizes, around 80 Bream of mixed sizes and a few Chub & Barbel. In total over 700 fish. We had a good morning cold and sunny with thin ice over the pond which we had to break.

2016 Newsletter.

11th January 2017

Welcome to our annual newsletter where we will endeavour to keep you informed of major happenings and things of interest.

For those of you whom have not provided an email contact address please do so if you have one, this helps enormously with our administration and expense. Please keep this up to date, it allows us to keep you informed.

Our first year of opening access to Richmond DAC down at Gilling West fishery has proved a big success with the Guys from Richmond enjoying some good fishing right on their doorstep, in all likelihood this arrangement will continue to benefit both clubs for 2017. It has been agreed to add further stocks of coarse fish on an annual basis over the next four years, this amounts to approximately £10,000, this is in addition to our annual stocking of Rainbow Trout into Mill Lake. It is hoped to make inroads into the weed problem in Mill Lake by bringing in contractors same scenario as ASCOTT fishery at Faceby.

Ascott fishery has proved to be impossible to manage without outside help. The biggest problem of all has been trying to find a means to control the weed. For the last few years the weed has engulfed all making fishing impossible despite occasional work party efforts. The decision was made this autumn to bring in contractors which over two periods used 8 ton winches to drag the weed out of the main pond and followed up by raking in Lime to burn off the roots. This work has now been completed at a cost of £7800, we are pleased to say this lake is now open for fishing. However, there remains much work to be done rebuilding platforms, repairing car park and access track together with removing brush and scrub which has ran wild, this again will invoke more contractor costs.

The river at Croft has fished exceptionally well all year and again has benefitted from major efforts by a small group of volunteers treating the Giant Hogweed. Whilst talking about Giant Hogweed it is worth mentioning that the Tees Rivers Trust has treated around 26 miles of river bank, we all owe these people a vote of thanks.

Our access to the river Swale at Catterick remains closed until Spring 2017 when the roadwork’s on the A1 are scheduled for completion.

Our other river fisheries thankfully appear problem free and members seem to be enjoying some good catches.


Expenditure in 2016 and expenditure planned for 2017 and beyond requires an increase to our rates and a slight change to our membership format as follows:-

Full membership 18 – 65 = £39 + Atdac £12 = £51
Senior citizens 65+ = £26 + Atdac £6 optional = £32 (or £26 without Atdac)
Ladies 18 – 65 = £26 + Atdac £6 = £32
Juniors to 18 = £12 + Atdac £6 optional = £18 ( or £12 without Atdac )

Subscriptions can be paid via the tackle shops listed in your membership book or by post to the Treasurer D Oxley 34 Bensham Road Darlington DL1 3DG with stamped addressed envelope.

Any change in status for example from junior to senior or senior to senior citizen or change of address can only be renewed by post through the treasurer.

Due to the change in membership demographics with an ever aging core membership we are no longer able to offer automatic life memberships as we have in the past. Members on becoming age 65 will at their next renewal become entitled to pay senior citizen rates. Those already in receipt of life membership cards will continue to enjoy this benefit without any change.

Time, effort and costs in printing and sending of this newsletter can be greatly reduced by sending this mail electronically to all those we hold email addresses for, please help by sending yours to thornabyangling@outlook.com

Dinner Dance

Again this is to be held at the Swan Hotel Billingham on Saturday 11th February 2017. This promises to be another great event ticket prices are:-

Adults 18 – 65 £18
Over 65 £15
Juniors under 18 £10

Apply for tickets to Mr G Angel 12 Thorngate Wynd Barnard Castle DL12 8PZ enclosing a stamped addressed envelope. Please make cheques payable to Thornaby Angling Association.

To finish off it only remains for me to say thank you to all those that have helped the club over the year in any shape or form, without your help the club would not function. Finally, have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

Tight Lines
G. D. Jeavons
Secretary T.A.A

Poaching incidents.

28th September 2016

We are receiving increasing reports about poaching incidents after the event which is too late to act upon. Will members that come across any poachers please call the police immediately in the prescribed way (detailed in the below guide issued by the Angling Trust) - thank you.

A Guide for Anglers Reporting Offences to the Police

Faceby ponds update.

26th September 2016

The contractors are back on site later this week on Thursday & Friday 29th & 30th September. Their objective is to rake out the remaining 20% of weed beds and at the same time to rake lime into the bed of the lake to kill off weed roots. We have sent email to those members we have email addresses for requesting volunteers to assist on both these dates, if you haven’t recieved an email it is because we do not have your current address.


September 2016 update.

14th September 2016

Welcome to our brand new website many thanks go to Graham Ellison for his building of this site which we hope you find informative.

Our very first posting is to update you on the situation at Faceby Ponds.

As most of you probably know already, with the demise of effective weed killers these ponds have for the last few years become increasingly unfishable and have to a great extent been reclaimed by nature. During this time we have had an ever decreasing band of helpers trying to keep on top of the problems with in honesty little effect. We have tried cutting and raking the weed, spent a considerable amount on boats and equipment as well as introducing blue dye to inhibit weed growth, whilst at the same time rebuilding some of the platforms which had rotted. Now we have also acquired a large number of plastic pallets which are both robust and non slip which will not rot. Anyway, to cut a long story short the decision was made that in order to reclaim the ponds as a fishery we need to employ contractors and a start has been made.

On Monday 15th August we had contractors (+ four willing helpers) on site for four days with 8 ton winches and a huge steel rake dragging weed from the main pond. We estimate that around 80% of this weed has now been removed and we have hand raked close in (where the mechanical rake couldn't reach) to give access to open water on 6 pegs, with rakes left on site for anybody who wishes to rake further. The same contractors are due back in October for a couple of days to rake in Lime which has the effect of burning off the weed roots. When used in conjunction with the Blue Dye we are told this should do the trick, so fingers crossed.

There is still much more work to be done, reinstating car park, repairing access track, building platforms and generally cutting out masses of scrub and unwanted trees, for which we will appoint contractors in due course. The aim is to try and bring this fishery back into full use.

After a few days we did have a sample fish to see what species remain, we found lots of Rudd & Roach as you can see from the picture below.

Hopefully there are still a few of the larger species still around. Please have a go and let us know how you get on Tight lines. - Graham Jeavons.